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Clock1.gif (1120 bytes)  Dispatcher's Clock

A Great Tool for Dispatch Center Personnel!

  • Quickly determine UTC time and times for other north American time zones.
  • Set alarms for field unit safety checks, flight following, and general reminders.
  • Logging. Record events and locations in a logbook automatically.  
  • 30 alarms with tiled alert windows.
  • Safety check in & tracking features.
  • Accurately calculate travel times in local and Zulu time.
  • Display sunrise & sunset times. Plus, display and print yearly sunrise & sunset tables.
  • Expanded online help.

·         Synchronize your computer's clock with a master Internet clock (National Bureau of Standards, etc.)

   Click Here to find out more about Dispatcher's Clock

FMA.jpg (1081 bytes)FMAPlus® version 3 Fuels Management Analyst  

FMAPlus® version 3 is a state-of-the-art suite of programs for use by resource managers to inventory and estimate surface and canopy fuel loading and to predict surface and crowning fire behavior and resulting fire effects.

Version 3 is the latest release of FMAPlus® includes hundreds of improvements and new capabilities. A sampling of these include new fuel models, additional photo series, new tree species added, and new outputs

  • Predict fire behavior in subject fuelbed include crown fire potential.
  • Calculate fuel loading using the Planar Intercept or Photo Series methods.
  • Easily generate and print inventory reports and graphs.
  • Quickly generate sampling statistical graphs.
  • Develop fuel profiles.
  • Compare photos and data side by side.
  • View and query photo series images and data.
  • Contains over 850 online images from 11 photo series.
  • Use stand inventory data to generate canopy fuel weights, canopy bulk density and canopy base height.
  • Perform a fire behavior and effects assessment based on surface and canopy fuels.

  Click Here to find out more about FMAPlus® version 3