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An easy to use tool set for wildland fire managers

FMAPlus® Version 3 is a state-of-the-art suite of programs for use by resource managers to inventory and estimate surface and canopy fuel loading and to predict surface and canopy fire behavior and resulting fire effects.

Note: The Forest Service has changed the access rights to C:\.  Forest Service users should download the document using the Click Here link.


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FMAPlus® Version 3 enables you to enter field data in user-friendly interface and it provides ways to leverage existing data like Forest Vegetation Simulator runs through the use of import capabilities. In addition, inventory data can be generated using a sophisticated Photo Series interface.

Once data is collected, a wide range of outputs can be generated including assessments of loading both for surface and canopy fuels. From these assessments, fire behavior outcomes can be generated including canopy fire potential. Display options include graphs and tabular reports, which can be viewed or printed.


Version 3, the latest release of FMAPlus®, includes hundreds of improvements and new capabilities.  A sampling of these includes the 2005 FBPS fuel models, additional photo series, new tree species added to CrownMass and additional fire behavior outputs.


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Join the hundreds of users worldwide and try it. You can download a trail version and see for yourself.

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If you a current user of FMAPlus® version 2 you can upgrade for a reduced cost. You'll appreciate all the improvements, many of which have been suggested by you.


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