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WB01539_.gif (682 bytes)  Wildland Fire Protection Planning
WB01539_.gif (682 bytes)  Wildland Fire Behavior Prediction
WB01539_.gif (682 bytes)  Fuels Management

Unique, innovative and practical solutions for wildland fire management programs. Our skilled and experienced staff specialize in the use of state-of-the-art methods, processes and analysis to display tradeoffs in support of decision-making.

State-of-the-art methods, processes and analytical support to examine fire management program issues. The Rational Planning Process provides a structured framework within which issues are addressed. A systematic strategy, custom tailored to the client and the issues, allows for a streamlined approach to information gathering and assessment, the analysis of candidate fire program solutions (NFMAS, etc) and the development of all components of implementation plans.

Specialized training for both structural and wildland fire management personnel which complies with all NWCG training standards.

A range of presentation services ranging from course coordination only to complete course presentation. We can provide expertise and support to your local staff as well as presenting lessons in coordination with your specific needs. We specialize in courses relating to the understanding of fire behavior (S-190 - S-490) & fire suppression in the wildland fire environment. We provide a range of wildland fire management services to the structural fire community.

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Now with Crown Mass.  Predict fuel loading for debris and determine canopy fire susceptibility.

Determine Dead Down Woody Fuel Loading From Field and Photo Series data.  Use Photo Series Explorer to build fuel profiles and compare photo data.

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