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FMAPlus® Fuels Management Analyst Version 3 is a suite of tools that that includes:


  • Determine fuel loading for debris from crowns, boles and tops.
  • Twenty-one (21) additional species have been added to crown calculations. «NEW
  • Determine crown weight and a stand's susceptibility to canopy fire.
  • Ability to define tree classes with proportion of fuel by size class in crown. «NEW
  • Predict fire behavior in the resultant fuelbed including canopy fire potential. New outputs include: spot distance, torching index, crowning index and probability of ignition.  Predict canopy fire potential is the RMRS RP-4 or RMRS RP-29 calculations and processes. «Improved
  • Ability to use the 2005 FBPS fuel models as well as the 1983 FBPS fuel models and the FMAPlus Standard fuel model set to describe surface fuels. «Improved
  • Ability to predict fire behavior without entering trees. «NEW
  • Predict fire effects including probability of tree mortality.
  • Easily generate and print reports and graphs.
  • Quickly generate sampling statistical graphs. «Improved
  • Import tree information from Forest Vegetation Simulator output and other sources including data recorders. «Improved


  • Calculate fuel loading using the Planar Intercept or Photo Series methods.
  • Easily generate and print inventory reports and graphs.
  • Quickly generate sampling statistical graphs.
  • Import plot information from other sources including data recorders. «NEW
  • Output of pieces per acre via entry of log length. «NEW


  • Develop fuel profiles.
  • Utility to create custom photo series books. «NEW
  • Compare photos and data side by side.
  • Ability to query by live fuel loadings. «NEW
  • Include live loadings in fuel profile. «NEW
  • View and query photo series images and data.
  • Contains 799 online images from 20 photo series. «Improved

Included with the purchase of FMAPlus®:

Units of Measure Conversion Tool

  • A handy tool for quick converting values to other units of measure.
  • Measurement units include: length, weight, area, energy, temperature, fuel load, and many more.

Fuel Model Manager

  • Create and tune customized fuel models for Crown Mass use.
  • A simple easy to use tool for calculating fire spread.
  • Contains 109 predefined fuel models.
  • Contains the 2005 FBPS fuel model
  • Contains the 1982 FBPS fuel models

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Purchase FMAPlus® version for $399 or upgrade from a previous version for only $100.

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