Dispatcher's Clock - Installation Problems:

Updated: Feb 24, 1999

1. Unable to downloading when site is behind firewall.  2-22-99

This problem has been corrected as of 2-23-99.

2. "Run time error '48', file not found: VB5STKIT.DLL".  2-24-99

This problem may occur when Dispatchers Clock is first started after install.  This usually only happens
on new equipment.  In any case, the missing file has been included as of 2-24-99.   For those that have retrieved
Dispatcher's Clock before 2-24-99 and you have this problem you can download the file again or install the missing file by following the
instructions below:

1. Click here to to download VB5STKIT.EXE
2. Save file to \windows\system.
3. Press the Windows Start button, choose Run, enter \Windows\System\VB5STKIT.EXE, press OK.

That's it.